Thursday, 27 June 2013

Freindly troll

This story  is about troll his name is Junior. he was at his first day at school because he just turned five.he was learning to subtract.And he met to best friends there names were Sateki and Tevita they ask him if he wanted to ride bikes but he wasn't allowed.

But he really wanted to go but his mum just wanted to keep him away from any danger. So he just stayed home and watch mom's favorite programs. Then he got hungry so he made him some noodles and then he went to to sleep.

Then he woke up he just thought and thought then he had a idea so he told mum if he does her chores then he can go out and play with his  friend and he did mum appreciate it so she said he can ride his bike  and be careful.

He felt very happy and proud and he fun riding their bikes. But the best part was getting to to play with our best friends cause that’s what best friends do.

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