Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Captin Hook The Villain's Side of the Story

Hello I am captain Hook most of you know me as the bad guy from the story Peter Pan and the neverland pirates. I am going to tell you my version of the story, the truth! One day I was saling the world.

In till I saw a boy with a green skirt with his friends.I went over to ask them where's the neverland but they grabbed their bowronarow and fired. I ran to my boat and sailed off.   

Peter Pan was on his boat  flying around with his friends. I was so mad to see peter pan. I ask my crew to light up the cannon to fire and kill Peter Pan and his annoying little friends.

So I grabbed the matches to light the canon, then Peter Pan came. I grabbed my sword then I looked back  and he came out of nowhere and sliced my arm and fed it to the ugly Croc. And  they all lived happily ever after as for me I am  living in my boat with my pirate crew. THE END  

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