Thursday, 7 November 2013

Junior narrative writing

One night there was a girl her name was Kimberly but people called her Kim. She loved sports it was her favorite thing to do. then she went to school and got a surprise her class were going for a field trip to the one and only Eden park!!!!

But it was awfully lots of money she was worried because what if she did not get to go. so that night she went to her dad and asked dad can I go to my class trip he said sure and then she said okay but is fithteen dollers what fithteen dollars yeah sorry Kim but you cannot go to that trip.

Why it is worth it look Kim we don’t got that kind of money’’ yes we do said Kim. no we don’t and anyway me and your mum have to pay our rent. I hate’’ yous so she grabbed her stuff and went to her dad’s farm house she could hear whispers but no one was there.

That morning she woke and sneaked inside to get her uniform her dad court her and he said okay you can on your trip. he found out that he was working minimum wage but he was getting less money. and he got payed heep’s that why she got to go to her trip and they lived happily ever after.         

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