Tuesday, 17 December 2013

My netbook reflection

The biggest change that happened to me this year was to use chromebooks but after about 2 weeks you get used to it. when got used to it you actually feel great . The skill i learnt was keyboard shortcut.

The tools I use to research thing is usually the Class site where we could read any book about anything that is part of our topic and we could just search up the word on wikipedia and google  search.  The people who helps me besides miss Ouano is Maysun he is always there with and he does not distract me

The best thing about celebrating by myself is that I get peace and quiet and I don’t get distracted from any of my friends. The best things i like about my netbook that your hand don’t get tired so fast. and you don’t have to worry when you when you spell wrong.

It makes my learning easier because you don’t have to use a pencil and typing is way faster. And I can share my learning by posting it on my blog.The thing I don’t like about my netbook is that sometimes when I go on my drive it says reload and when I reload it it doesn’t work.I hope for next year that I become a better person and I never stay away from school.  

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